Sunday, October 4, 2015

28 Days Left - Lessons I've Learned as an Expat

Church Shopping

The title of this blog post gives me the shivers.  It really bothers me to think about the idea of shopping for a church, as if one body of Christ is better or more desirable than another.  That's how we, as Americans, treat it though.  Each move I envy my Mormon friends.  They are assigned a church when they move and bam, they have instant community.  Even the Catholics have a little easier time.  The readings and structure are the same everywhere in the world.  But Protestants, we are picky and critical.  We judge the music, the sermon,and the ministries.  

When you take away the options and begin attending a church and dive in and become involved, I've learned that a lot of the things I used to judge a church by, don't matter.  For two years we attended a church where I didn't even speak the language and you know what?  It was my favorite church.  Why?  I think I started worshipping more because I saw the heart of worship.  I began hearing God more clearly because I wasn't distracted by judging words, but was listening to God speak to me through the scriptures being taught.  (My only goal at that church was to find the passage the pastor was speaking on and read it in my English Bible.)  I began to understand community better as people patted my hand and had grace with my toddler vocabulary.  I think I really experienced the body of Christ those two years.

Because we are new here in Taipei, we are in that church searching phase.  There are numerous churches to try.  I think we could spend months of visiting different churches.  We picked three to visit.  I noticed in these visits how less critical I've become.  In the end, we chose the one that had a youth program.  I have needs, my husband has needs, but most importantly, our daughter has needs.  I'm excited to dive in and become involved with this group of people and call them my family.

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