Monday, April 4, 2016

Ruth - From the Eyes of an Expat - vrs. 16

Trailing spouses.  That's what we are called.  Men and women who follow their spouses around the world, setting up home in different countries because that is where the job takes them.  Every one's reason for giving up their comfortable life at home to follow their spouse is different.  For some it's a sense of adventure or opportunity.  For others it's a commitment to marriage and the family.  For me it's rooted in a deep belief that God didn't only call my husband into this life, He called me too.  I believe that God has a divine purpose for me in each country we live, with those people I come in contact with.  From my experience, missionary spouses tend to have this perspective as well.  For spouses who don't have a greater purpose to following their spouse around the globe, I see them struggle.  There are days that are hard and lonely.  Keeping the family upbeat while you hate your circumstances, is very difficult.  Having a smile on your face for your spouse when they walk in the door at night can be hard after you've walked to 5 grocery stores in an attempt to put an edible meal on the table.  I've watched marriages crumble because there is no greater purpose to this nomad lifestyle for them.  I would encourage every Christian, trailing spouse to have this verse framed and hang it in your house.  "Where you go I will go."  Can I give my spouse any greater gift than this?  

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