Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wherever You Go

Missions tends to "look" a certain way.  You pick a platform, raise money and move to another country to tell people about Jesus.  But if you are a Christian, it shouldn't matter where you live.  You should be intentionally living your life for God.  Hannah uses her own experience of moving to China and having a job where she intentionally lives out her faith in every day circumstances with those around her to develop this story.  

In this book, she created two characters who moved to China to immerse themselves in the culture and language.  Through an email relationship, they encourage one another in the everyday aspects of living as a foreigner.  One character moved to China in response to direction from God and the other  for work experience.  

Hannah does a good job of weaving true to life situations and challenges into the conversation, theological ideas on missions and aspects of being a single, especially a female, Christian into the story.  

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