Thursday, May 5, 2011

French, Spanish or English?

Today we began class with a quiz. This is a bit of a new concept for me. Up to this point we have been focusing on the "backbone of the language". Orlando has been teaching me all the basic and some not-so-basic rules that form the structure of Spanish. I am beginning to understand concepts, I just haven't gotten to the place where I can put the concepts to practical use.
The quiz consisted of a list of questions and phrases that are basic and very useful for getting around. I was to translate these into Spanish. It went rather quickly for me because I either knew the answer or I didn't and no amount of sitting there thinking would help me come up with the correct answers. He began to look over my paper.
"Mmm.. correct, very good.
This one is in the wrong tense.
This word you have here we call 'Spanglish'. You have made up your own word by combining the two languages.
What is this word? Oh, you are now speaking French."
Sigh. It will be very interesting when I get to Colombia and start hashing through conversations throwing the three languages together.

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