Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time to Say "Goodbye"

My best friend moved the beginning of our 9th grade year.  I remember the feelings of lonliness trying to find my way in high school without her by my side.  We had done everything together.  Hours of laughing, talking about boys and just plain being silly.  I remember my mom saying that it's always harder to be the one left behind.  The person leaving has a new life to look forward to.  An adventure has been laid out before them, whereas the person left behind has to find their way through life with memories at every corner.
We have stayed in touch.  We visited one another in high school.  We were in each others weddings.  We make the effort to get together whenever one of us are in somewhat close range.  We have experienced the ups and downs of life and are there for one another.
After that parting it seems that I was always the one to leave.  I graduated from High School and left my home town.  After graduating from college we moved to where we found real jobs.  After my man finished his internship and residencies we moved away from Detroit.  When a job opened in his hometown we moved there.  We left Hudsonville when we moved to New Zealand and then again to come here.  I've said "goodbye" but I've been on the leaving side of things - headed off to an exciting adventure that life is pulling me into.
Last night we said "goodbye" to our dear friends.  They have finished their time here in Bogota and are headed back to the states.  The next adventure pulls them away.  We had a wonderful afternoon of pedicures and brownies.  The four of us enjoyed one last amazing meal together and then they stood in our foyer as we said our last "goodbyes".  I could feel my eyes welling-up but refused to let a tear trickle down my cheek.
I awoke early and the tears finally forced their way out.  I lay there silently  crying.  My husband was a little surprised.  I am not the crying type.  "We are lucky we have friends worth crying over." he said.  I agree.  It's good for me to be on this side of things.  It makes me value all the relationships I have more. Feeling the hole makes me put more effort into maintaining the relationships that I've left behind.
Friendships are precious.

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  1. You made me think and I realized that I've always been the one to leave too, as was the case with us. As you know, I had friends that left Bogota at the same time as me... I have to say that it was easier to say good-bye to others who were also leaving. Now I just have to experience being the one left behind :(