Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The computer has been getting slower and slower.  The pictures have taken over the hard drive and we knew we needed to just take care of things.  So over the last few weeks we've been moving all the old photos to an external hard drive.  In the process I have found myself sitting at the computer flipping through old albums.  I pause and smile at a memory.  If I close my eyes I can still remember the day the picture was taken - the weather, the smells, the atmosphere, the laughter.  There are always faces smiling at me and I feel warm and happy.  I love taking pictures and I tend to zero in on architecture and interesting people.  But when I look back at all the pictures, it's the ones with you, my friends in them, that make me happy.  My favorites are the ones where we are holding the camera and giving a cheesy close-up smile!  I don't have you here with me now, but you live on in my heart.  You are the friends who I come back to time and time again.  Some of you go back as far as babies or school.  Others are college friends or one of the women I've met around the world.
I love you my friends, old and new!

Girlfriends who are always there!
Darleen, Holly, Margie, Elizabeth, Terri
In person or on Skype, encouraging conversation and fun times with the girls.
A best friend since we were kids - thank you!
Sharing life as friends and families.
From college to kids - missing those lunch dates!
Miss those "end of the school year" days out!
Anna, Jill, Margie
From no kids to lots of kids it's been a fabulous journey with you two!
Carol & Robin
Helping other women around the world brought our hearts closer.
Julie, Gretchen, Elizabeth
Friend, you've always been there.  I look forward to another trip together.
The smiles always wipe away the tears.
Darleen, Carrie
I was so blessed to have made such amazing friends in my neighborhood.
Terri, Julie
Experiencing culture always gets us away from life!
Elizabeth, Terri
First sisters, but one of my closest friends.
Thank you for being one step ahead of me in life.  Your wisdom and love keep me on the right path.
Picking up right where we left off is always easy despite the time apart.
Laughing and being silly but also knowing when to listen and cry.
We shared the same heart-beat and many cups of coffee.
An adventure always with the conversation!  Thank you for sharing your lives and country with us.
Exploring and Adventuring!  Lots of smiles and laughs.

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  1. Ok, I am embarrassed to admit this, but I totally can't remember when/where that picture of us was taken!! I assume we were on the West coast of MI somewhere, but I can't remember being with Carol any of the time we met in Holland... Help me! I feel so old!! LOL