Monday, October 14, 2013

The Decision to Move

Trinity Church

Just when you think relief is around the corner, something happens to blow that theory out of the water.  Such was my day on Sunday.  Backing-up a bit we were offered the option to move into a different apartment on Friday.  In all honesty moving is about the last thing I want to do despite the condition of the aparment we are currently in.  But we went and looked at it and by Saturday night my husband had made the decision - for the sanity of us all - to move.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling 100% peace about this decision.  I really had to battle myself to get to this point- going through feelings of anger, exhaustion and mourning.  I really like the people I live by now and who knows what the new place will bring.  This place is two steps into the embassy and the new place is like ten steps.  I might acutally have to put a coat on in the winter to get from my apartment into the embassy.  I know, these are really strong reasons to stress over and deep down, the idea of taking my crap out of cupboards and drawers and walking it over to a new apartment really puts me over the edge.  But none-the-less, we are moving.  

So we got up with plenty of time to get to church with no nagging (yeah, Sunday mornings really are the most stressful getting out the door!), nice and relaxed.  About 30 minutes before we were to leave my husband turned on the kitchen sink only to have water bubble up.  In case you don't know, that is the wrong direction for water to flow.  In my world, water is supposed to go down the drain and disappear someplace.  He messed with the pipes, checked the little "u" shaped trap but all was clear.  Our neighbor stopped in but he had no more luck stating we would need the plumber as the blockage was too far into the mysterious piping system.  This pretty much solidified the decision to move.  We left the clogged sink and headed to church.

After several songs and a prayer the pastor asked us to sit down.  A bit exhausted I plopped my butt down in the nice red velvet theater seat.  I kid you not, the chair broke.  I landed on the floor in a tangled mess humiliated out of my mind.  Red faced I crawed on all fours past my husband to an empty chair.  Daugher numer two was sitting next to me and found this completely hilarious.  Later she told me that the pastor just stopped and stared at me.  There are times when things become so over the top in life that you actually begin to believe that everything is amied at you.  This could have happend to anyone in that theater but for some reason I was the one sprawled on the floor due to faulty Russian seating.  

Ok, so within 10 minutes I was able to giggle about that little episode, but at this point we are washing our dishes in a bowl in the sink and dumping the dirty water into the toilet.  We found the dishwasher was backed-up as well so the full load ready to go needed to be washed - by hand.  I am actually begining to believe that when my husband tells housing tomorrow morning that we have decided to flee this apartment they are going to look at him and say "Psyke!  We changed our minds."

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