Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Old Believer's Church of the Intercession
They say things come in "threes".  Oddly, as I've gone through life, this does seem to be true.  So my "threes" for this move were mold.  1.  Moldy luggage after sitting for 8 days in customs. 2.  Moldy air-freight.  There was one box that noticeably wet from the outside and thus the things (mainly clothes and bags) were moldy.  3.  Our HHE (household goods) shipment arrived moldy and mildewy.  Five crates.  Box after box after box - moldy.  Two crates were unpacked on day one along with a crate from VA that was fine.  The items were my dishes, appliances and some furniture.  So by the time I went to bed I had everything wiped down and put in its place.  I was a bit discouraged with the mildew I had found, but I had no idea what was coming on day two.  
The next day found me running from room to room with my camera in hand as the movers shouted "photo, photo" while unpacking.  Soft, downy, white mold that webbed its way around one of the girls knick-knacks or fine powdery yellow mold that found a way between the glass and canvas in a piece of art or Chad's shoes and boots that were covered in a green slimy mold - every box opened had a distinct smell, and the contents were damp to the touch.  I don't know how I made it though that day.  
The next week was a blur of waking up, starting the washing machine and sitting at the bathtub with a bottle of bleach and scrub brush.  I worked until I went to bed then started the process again the next morning trying to save stuff.  Amazingly, most things cleaned up real well.  I've decided I'll wear a coat or a sweater unless someone comments on the musty smell then I'll get rid of it.  
I got a few emails from friends over the week that said "I don't know why I'm thinking about you right now, but I'm praying for you."  Friend, you may not know, but God sure did.  He could see inside my exhausted and discouraged heart and through your prayers he brought me the strength to continue on.  I wish I could say I had this wonderful peace that He promises, but I didn't.  I was discouraged.  What I did have was an amazing lack of bitterness or anger.  To me that is a miracle.  I could not have had anything but anger and bitterness about how things have gone in every step of this move without God working in me.  
Today, a week later, I am 90% settled in and things are cleaned up.  I hired a maid to help me get past the mound of ironing and final cleaning.  There are times when the pile is too high and we just need that little bit of help.  A week from now this will be a distant memory as we relax in our home with our things around us and candles burning!

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