Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I received my first package from my husband today. I have been watching and waiting, hoping that a box would come in the mail just for me. It's kind of silly to long for something tangible. Something I can hold that says "This made me think of you" or "Because I love you".
The kids gathered around teasing me. They knew how excited I was! I tore into the box as if it was Christmas morning. On top were two cds. How interesting, some Pakistani music. We stuck it into the computer and began listening as we turned back to the box. I lifted out two suckers. They were "Chupa Chups". We have those cream and fruit swirled suckers here, but these were packaged with a million tiny pieces to be assembled into a toy. No way would those be sold in America. They are a law suit waiting to happen! The plastic around the sucker was impossible to get off. Only with sharp little sewing scissors did I finally succeed. I laid out the little pieces. The kids wanted to help, but no way. This was Mom's toy. After unfolding the tiny directions and squinting at the little pictures I assembled a lion with an accordion tummy. In a few days I'll assemble the next one to add to my collection.
Under the suckers was a letter. I set it aside to read later.
Next I pulled out this odd cloth thing. It has a stiff part at the top, some fancy needle work and a skirt around the bottom with a slit in it. My first impulse was to put it on my head. The kids roared with laughter. It was definitely not a hat. My next thought was that it was a wine bottle cover. Possibly. I just can't imagine messing with a fabric skirt around my wine bottle each time I want to pour a glass. I'll just have to wait to find out what it is from my husband.
Lastly I took out a paper bag with something soft inside. I slowly pulled out a beautiful cotton table cloth with napkins. The pattern dyed into the fabric is a beautiful brown vine motif with soft blue flowers. I am often amazed at how well my husband knows me. He picked out something for me that exhibits the essence of who I am.
As I sat there looking at my gifts and listening to the music it really hit me how vastly different our world are. Each time he steps outside his apartment he is in a foreign country with foreign music blaring, foreign smells and sights and sounds. Designs and patterns are different. Foods and drinks are different. I am so glad that he is sending me some bits and pieces of his experience. Things that remind me of where he is and what he is experiencing.

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