Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is it Hola or Adios?

I bounded up the stairs happily to my Spanish lesson. I'm 6 weeks into classes with my friend and today I am really going to make an effort to communicate in Spanish how my morning went. This morning was the Royal Wedding which I got up at 4 a.m. to watch. Following the "balcony kiss" I rushed over to my friend's house to enjoy breakfast together while continuing to watch the blessed event. Two women chatting happily about the dress and hats. Surely I could come up with something to say in Spanish about my morning.
With a big smile on my face I threw my arms around Berthica and said "Adios!". I was pleased as pie but as I opened my mouth to tell her that I "vistos" the Royal Wedding she patted my hand and said "Kris, you do not want 'goodbye' you want 'hello, Hola'.". I felt the pride slowly ooze out of me. Deflated I stumbled through trying to not speak English with many more mistakes.
4 months of studying and I still get confused over the most simple greetings.

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