Thursday, March 1, 2012

Secret Daughter

Secret Daughter
by Shilipi Somaya Gowda

It seems that I have been a bit heavy on book blogs recently, but I'm coming off two vacations so I had a bit of time to read!
This book was read for my book club. “Secret Daughter” is a novel about two families. One family in India who gave up a daughter for adoption and the family in America who adopted this little girl.
The book is a good read. Excellent “by the pool” material. The characters are all well developed and hold true to themselves throughout the book. The general feeling of book club today was that the American mom, Somer, was not liked. Her personality and stuggles seemed a bit excessive.
I think what really impacted me throughout the book was the wide range of social topics touched on. Inter-racial marriage, immigration, infertility, newborn death/murder, poverty, adoption, drug/gang issues, the caste system, rich vrs. Poor, consequences of actions and marital separation. These are the issues that I picked-up on and I am sure you will discover a few more. The thing is that none of these alone are light issues. Each issue that was brought-up in the book was really well developed giving the reader some good things to think about.

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