Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faith Cont.

Our Bible study groups went well. Without books everyone was happy with taking a week to read through the book of James to get an overview.
Two of the ladies in the morning group commented that they were headed to the embassy, did I need anything? A few moments after they left my husband texted announcing that the books had arrived.
A few hours later, my friend and I stood in the parking lot holding our books. Just like that. The books are here.
Again, bafflement. There is a part of me that is shrinking by the moment that wants to analyze the timing on the arrival of the books. But I'm walking away from that train of thought because faith in God is trusting that he has a purpose in the timing. Our minor delay pales in comparison to God's divine plan. Faith is not about me and what I want, but about God and who he is.  
Today I praise Him for delivering the books and trust Him with the timing.

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