Thursday, October 4, 2012

Girls with Guns

My daughter's friend joined us for dinner the other night. With our son in the "college application phase of life", future plans for the girls came up. In my mind college is the next step after high school. Higher education and preparing for life and all that.  It's a given.
But this friend is from Israel. She began to explain that she would have to join the army when she turned 18.
These girls are not the tough, rumble tumble type. They are soft and quiet. They can hold their own but aren't confrontative. It's really hard to imagine these young girls in the army holding guns.
But that's the reality in our world. Girls holding guns to protect and defend their country. It was a bit hard for me to actually wrap my mind around as she was sitting there nervously talking. I'm nieve.  I live in a safe and predictable bubble.
It's not her first choice, but there is no choice.  I wonder how her mother feels about it, and I hope that someday she has the chance to pursue her dreams.

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