Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And the Winner Is....

After months of pouring over cities, examining schools, considering safety and dreaming a bit as well, we have received our official posting.  No, it is not one of our original six choices which led to another set of emotions and logistics to work through but we are all excited.  In August we will be moving to Moscow, Russia.
The more I read about Moscow, the more excited I become.
We will be close to Finland where my Grandmother was from.  I still have second cousins living there that I am excited to meet.  I can't wait to experience the country that I have heard about since I was a little girl and experience what shaped the Grandma I knew.
The 2014 winter olympics will be held in Russia.  How cool is that?  We are already starting to look at tickets to some events.  I remember being glued to the tv as a kid watching Gordeeva and Grinkov from Moscow win the figure skating pairs gold medal in 1988 then again in 1994.  Russia has changed a lot since then, but that was the first time this country grabbed my attention.
The school sounds really good.  About twice as large as the school the kids are now in, it offeres more opportunities.  I've been so happy with this school, but am looking forward to a bit more choice in classes for them.
It is safe and easy to use public transportation in the city.  After having lived with restrictions and a bit of fear, it will be a welcome relief.
Next year I will have a real Christmas tree!  Today I have a pine candle burning to help me imagine that it is Christmas around here.  Hopefully there will be snow next year as well!
I think we will be living quiet close to the embassy which will be nice for my husband.  No more long commutes in which he comes home with a headache from riding in the armored van.
Cross country skiing!!!  This just makes me want to bounce up and down in glee!  I have two pairs that I will be digging out of the storage unit.  It sounds like people ski in the parks all winter long.
I think I could go on and on.  Yes, of course there will be negatives, that is why no one put it on their bid list, but I am smiling at our good fortune in this round.

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  1. so delighted with you - especially about the skiing!!!