Thursday, November 15, 2012


by Shauna Niequist

My friend was visiting for a few weeks and brought this book along for me to read. She had her copy with her that she had started. We read laying by the pool in Cartagena, huddled under an umbrella while rain locked us into our own little world, sprawled out on couches with cake in hand in Bogota and in our rooms alone with our thoughts. I love reading a book with another person because I am no longer alone on a journey. I have someone to ask "What did you think of this part?" or "Am I understanding this correctly?"
Shauna uses stories of everyday life, of children and cooking and hurt and pain to explore the times in life when deep sorrow sets in. When life doesn't go the way we had planned. Always with her eyes on God she sees the joy and sorrow mingling together, walking hand in hand. Seeing the bitter times in life as a necessity to experience true sweetness changes the way we view our times of difficulty.
We all have bitter times in life at one point or another. If you have recently entered into one of these times, I highly recommend this book.

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