Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Moments Back

I stepped off the plane and wanted to reach out and touch the poster mounted in the tunnel to the airport. English! I breathed a sign of relief. It's been 18 months and I'm back in America for a few days. Just the thought of communicating with ease makes me smile.
Another touch of home - Starbucks! Not that I can't get coffee in Bogota, it's just the whole American chain stuff, feeling of home that made me excited. I ordered, but oddly the woman could not get anything on my order correct. I repeated it and when I was satisfied that she had gotten my wants down correctly, I paid and waited. Of course she didn't get anything right giving me a coffee rather than a frappicino. Is that a "welcome back to America" or an "it doesn't matter what language you are speaking, we won't get it correct" moment?
I walked out to the hotel shuttle where the driver took my suitcase for me. "Gracias" I said. Hmm... I think the language thing might be a bit of a difficulty for me for a few days as I get myself sorted out!

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