Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Small Victory

The coolest thing happened today! I had an email from The City Paper linking me to MY article on their new-up-and-running web site! I clicked the link and there it was - my writing, my words. I was actually linked to a comment a reader had posted. My daughter leaned over my shoulder and pointed to the little twitter and fb icons on the page. Four people had linked my article to their “I have a lot of friends” sites. I don't have either, so I couldn't add another “like” to the count.
It felt soooo good to think that someone whom I don't know actually felt my thoughts and words were worth sharing with other people. That has been a huge stumbling block in my writing. I don't write most of my thoughts because I don't feel they are valid, or because someone else expressed it much better so why should I try.
But today it was a victory. A small one in the eyes of the world, but a big one for me!
Here is a link to the article just incase you are interested!

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