Saturday, February 9, 2013

God's Reminder

There are days when I loose sight of the greater purpose of my life. My vision narrows until all I can see is the necessity to survive amongst the trials of this city and even that becomes a battle. I focus on the difficulties, like my mysteriously missing bike room key on no car day, or the restaurant that I wanted to eat at (on my birthday) that is closed until Feb. 18, or the pot holes that have put my car in the repair shop. The list can go on and on and I feel myself drowning in passing circumstances rather than pushing through them with my eyes on a goal.
So this afternoon when I was standing at the kitchen sink wallowing in a mood, I glanced at my phone and noticed a new email. Hoping to be distracted from my self pity, I read it. A student from MSU emailed to say he is looking for a roommate, would our son be interested? I immediately realized the timing of this email was designed for me. God was whispering in my ear that He has everything under control. That even when I get trapped in the discouragements of today, wondering if we had missed the calling of His voice, He is there taking care of all the things I have no control over. Providing for me and my family even 8 months from now when I can't be there to protect my child – He will do it. As I read this student's introduction I saw how God was going above and beyond what I had hoped for. This student has a passion in life that he is pursuing. He is following God and invited my son to join in this exciting journey with him.
I know God will be shaking his head as He looks down on me tomorrow when I have so quickly forgotten to trust Him, but He will remind me again and again because He loves me.

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