Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Sad Day For Our Comunity

What was supposed to be a last quiet jog in the park turned into a foggy trudge with my mind miles away.  A friend had stopped me and asked me if I knew about the DEA agent who was shot.  Like that my peaceful little bubble was burst.  I enquired further when I got home and learned that the agent was stabbed in a taxi and is dead.
The main function of the embassy here in Colombia is to fight the war on drugs.  Back home I never gave a second thought about the lives of the people who were working to protect my children in America.  But today one of those people died.  Details will come out, but regardless this man would not have been posted here if there was not a war to fight. 
Although Bogota is the second largest embassy in the world, in this job the community becomes small and tight knit.  We live and work together for a few years then move to another community, often crossing paths with those we know.  So it hits hard when a life is taken in violence and crime.  
To the family of this agent, my heart is broken for you.  I am so sorry.  My prayers are with you on this day as my mind returns to you over and over again.
To my American friends and family, never forget that lives are being given for your protection.  Never take for granted the safety you live in because another sacrificed their life.
Just as the sky is clouding over and becoming grey right now, on my last day here in Bogota my mind and emotions have clouded over and a grey cloud hangs over my head as I say "goodbye".

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