Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dreaming of Home

We were told this would happen, but I guess it didn't really click until I experienced it.  With stuff spread all over the state of Michigan, lots of miles under our belts and time spent with family and dear friends, I'm ready to go home.
I find it sort of silly even as I write this because, where is home?  I'm learning that rather than "Home is where the heart is." for me "Home is where my stuff is and where the center of my life is happening."  That will be Moscow in a few short weeks and I am finding myself growing more eager each day to arrive and begin settling in.  
The time here has been amazing and wonderful.  I have enjoyed every moment - soaking in memories to carry me over the next two years.  Relationships have picked up right where we left off, not a beat skipped despite time and distance.  The next several weeks will complete a host of relationships renewed.  I look forward to it, but don't be surprised if you see me with a bit of a far off look in my eyes as I find myself dreaming of home.

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