Friday, January 3, 2014

Kisses from Katie

Kisses from Katie
by Katie Davis

I was just looking back through my posts and saw that I never wrote a blurb about this book.  I was surprised because it was a very impactful book.

What impacted me so much was the heart of Katie.  She visited Africa and fell in love with the orphan children there.  So much so that she moved there permanently and has adopted several girls.  She has developed several programs to  help many children because she can not adopt all the kids who need help.  

As a mom I had to ask myself the question:  "How would I handle it if one of my children gave up a college education for a greater calling to a poor nation?"  It's a hard question because we have ideals established in our minds dictating what we believe is the only way to succeed in life.  This book blows those preconceived notions apart with the idea that if God has a different plan, then His plan is best.

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