Thursday, October 22, 2015

10 Days Left - Lessons I've Learned as an Expta

Trusting God

Life has a lot of unknowns.  I didn't think about that a lot when I lived back in the states, in my comfortable house in a static neighborhood.  Then my husband joined the military, then we went over seas, and finally we joined the State Department and began moving every few years.    We jumped into a life of unknowns.  What country will we live in two years?    Where will the kids go to school? What will our housing be like?  Will we like it?  How far away will we be from family?  So many unknowns that my mind begins to swim.  Just as soon as we feel comfortable in one place, we are making a bid list, waiting and then preparing for the move.  

With all the unknowns, I find myself facing a path with two ways to go.  One way involves a lot of worry and stress,  All the unknowns become black holds that I fall into constantly.  The other path is choosing to trust God.  It's a path that s sometimes takes mental effort to make a choice daily, but ultimately, I'm a much happier person.

I've learned that trusting God is not always an easy thing.  People make it seem easy, "Just trust God, He will take care of everything."  But the reality is, trust takes focus and determination.  

I really like the way the Message puts such a favorite verse that every little child learns in Sunday School.  "Trust GOD from the bottom of your hear; don't try to figure out everything on your own."  Proverbs 3:5

It's actually hard to not figure out everything on my own. I want control, it can be a battle in my mind.  But when I actually begin to trust God, I stop worrying and then I get to enjoy how everything falls into place.  

Things don't always fall into place like I expected.  We went through six months of preparing our bid list and waiting before we went to Moscow.  Moscow was not on that list.  In fact, it was very purposefully left off.  Then we got the call that we weren't getting anything on the list would we take...  After we prayed and hemmed and hawed over our choices, we got Moscow.  I loved those two years in Moscow.  They unfolded slowly, petal by petal, full of surprises.  All the worry in the world would not have made that flower open faster.  But trusting God allowed me the space and freedom to enjoy watching His blessings unfold.

May you find rest today in watching the flower of God's plan unfold.

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