Friday, February 12, 2016

About to Embark on My Journey with WAR

I'm sitting in the waiting are, ready to board my plane.  I got here early.  The room is quiet, maybe there won't be many people on this flight and I can sleep for a few hours.  It's late.  I'll arrive in four hours, at one a.m.  
For the past few days I've been thinking about why I wanted to do this trip so bad.  I'm not really sure, I'm searching for an answer.  For the past four years, I've been checking out the trip, waiting for the time to be right.  It seems right now, but I'm not sure why.
I've had many people tell me I'm brave to embark on this type of journey.  I don't feel brave, I don't feel afraid either.  A few years ago, maybe this trip would have felt exotic.  But I've visited many places, become  accustomed to getting around where things are not what I'm used to.  I've even been to Thailand a few times, so my eyes won't be dazzled by all the temples and markets.  I've learned a lot about people as well.  How we're all so different, and yet so the same.  Both those things make me long to build relationships.  We have so much that we understand about one another and also so much to teach each other.  
I'm looking forward to the relationships I'll build with the other women on this trip.  We have the same thing inside us, spurring us to take this step and together, holding hands, we'll explore and sort out where we fit in the chain of helping women.  
So here goes.  Take this journey with me each day.  I'm really hoping that I can share much that I experience with you.


  1. Praying my friend! Melinda

  2. Looking forward to reading more as you are able to share. Prayers surrounding you!

    1. Thank you. I know I am only able to do this because of the prayers of others surrounding me at this time.

  3. Thank you. Know I am praying for you as well. I know there is an ocean between us, but God's love binds us together as friends.