Monday, December 13, 2010


It was Christmas time and I didn't want to do anything to tarnish my last Christmas home. I wanted to cherish the moments now and not worry about the moments to come, including figuring out what schools my kids will be attending when we move to Colombia. The tree is down now, the decorations put away so I can procrastinate no longer. I must dive in and figure this system out. I have a feeling it isn't going to be like when we moved to New Zealand and I walked around the block, found the closest school, enrolled the kids and they started a few days later when they were over their jet lag. This time we have to apply, entrance exams have to be taken and commitments need to be made.
I feel a bit lost. Where do I begin? I live in Michigan, I can't just run over to the Foreign Schools department at the State Department, go through some files and make some decisions. I read through some emails my husband has forwarded me. I catch a few sentences here and there that might help me out.

I found this post unpublished and incomplete.  I decided to go ahead and publish it so that it could be read as part of my journey. 

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