Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Beginning of Monsoon Season

Communication is difficult. My husband has been in country for just over a week now. I realize there are many stresses to learning a new job, especially in a country where American security is high. He began traveling this week to the other cities he is responsible for. He has been to Peshawar and I think Karachi. We have tried to keep in contact through email and Skype. It is so difficult to hear, the Internet shuts down (more so on my end of things), the video freezes. It is awkward. The time difference makes it difficult as well. 9 hrs. His night is my morning. We set up a time to talk on Skype this morning. I know he is coming in from another city at some point today. He missed our Skype appointment. I sat by the computer for 5 hours hoping he would call. Do I worry? Do I assume all is ok? My stomach is in knots. My hands are shaking. There is a point where I have to make myself keep moving, keep functioning or I will find myself a worried mess.

Later: Gratitude flows out of me at my husband's thoughtfulness. Although he was beat by the time he got in, he made it a priority to call me and let me know all was ok. A monsoon kept their plane grounded and there was no cell phone reception. Monsoons - another new thing for me to get used to!

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