Monday, August 2, 2010

An Anniversary via Skype

Last night was our 17 year wedding anniversary. How does one keep the day special while living on two different continents, separated by time and oceans? Part of keeping a relationship alive during this time of separation is remembering the monumental days in life. Remembering that we can still keep those days special, it will just be different and may take a little bit of creativity and effort.
We decided that we would share a special meal together. I love dressing up and I especially love dressing up for my husband. An hour before our designated Skype time the kids helped me set a table, arrange the flowers, light the candles and makes sure the camera on the computer was in place and the lighting would still work. They took delight in making sure the details were perfect. Then they went downstairs to watch a movie. They seemed to get that Mom desperately needed some time alone with Dad. No interruptions to tell Dad about the days soccer game. No arguments with siblings. No asking Mom a question. Just time for me to bask in the moment of being with my husband.
I got dressed in the new dress that I was so excited to wear for my husband. Flowers in my hair, my favorite jewelry, even a squirt of perfume.
Promptly at 10 pm I sat down at the table, signed into Skype and pushed the green call button. He answered on the first ring. He looked so handsome in his shirt and tie. Not his typical attire for 7 in the morning, but he did it for me. He had his French toast and coffee set before him and I had a slice of tiramisu and a glass of wine before me. The moment was so perfect. He had music playing a bit too loudly so he jumped up to turn the volume down. In doing so I discovered that rather than having on his dress pants, he was still wearing his sleeping shorts. I giggled as he sat down again and all I could see was the fashionable man sitting across from me!
The hour and a half we spent together dreaming, laughing, and reminiscing flew too quickly. Just as Cinderella would turn back into a common person at the strike of midnight, my evening must end as well. I know that we will continue to find ways to have fun and keep falling in love with one another even when things like distance lay between us. We will conquer this mountain and be a stronger couple because of it.

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