Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let the Bidding Begin!

I have a seed of excitement within me that is beginning to bubble. My husband and I finalized our list of 6 posts to bid on that is due at the end of the month. The first four posts were fairly easy. Although there were many factors to consider, safety, schools, family community..., those first four were easy because no matter which one we may get, I would go to any in a heartbeat. They speak to who I am inside. They fill me with excitement of the adventure. They are cultures that I want to experience. Countries that call my name. It was the last two spots that were the toughies. I have spent the last couple months looking at the list. Reading reports on the posts. Praying. Knocking city after city off the list. Many were knocked off due to the schooling or rather lack thereof. Our son will be a Jr. and Sr. in high school the years we are at this post and so his education needs to be a priority. My husband told me that we must be careful to only put cities on the list that we were truly willing to live in. One employee that he talked with has gotten bid number 6 every time. So the last two spots on our list. What to do. We sat down this morning across from one another, skype to skype. I had the list in front of me and we read down considering each city. "Nope - unaccompanied post. Nope - bad schools. Nope - doesn't interest us." And on and on. By the time we were done we had three more cities to consider. Then my husband said "I really want to know what you think. What cities are you the most interested in?" It was like he had just given me possession and ownership of the decision. Where would I like to live next? Those questions told me that he understood how apart from his life I felt. This journey we had embarked on together was at a point where he was on the high road and I was on the low road. We were still headed in the same direction, communication was still vital, we were working together because not all the supplies could be carried up the high road and someone had to journey on the low road for both of us to reach the destination. It's just that the low road is disappointing. But he recognized this and cared! So we narrowed the three to two and now have our list of 6 posts to hand in at the end of the month to bid on. I am excited to think that one year from now I will be living in one of those cities!

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