Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have now been studying Spanish with Rosetta Stone for about 3 months. I feel that I have held myself to a high standard by requiring a 90% in a given section before I move on. It has been slow going. I have learned some colors, numbers, boy, girl, apple, rice, cat, horse, hello and goodbye. I can see that if I continue to proceed at this rate I will in no time be conversing intelligently with Colombians about these important topics.
Just this week I have run into a little wrinkle in my proceedings. Verbs. These words that tell us what we are doing with these objects. I can tell from the sentence that I have 1 green apple but I have no idea what I am going to do with that apple. Do I want to have the apple? Buy the apple? Eat the apple? From the pictures I can usually infer what action will be taking place, but often enough I am randomly choosing what photo goes with the corresponding sentence.
The idea of knowing what I am doing seems rather important to me, so over the past few days I have found myself in a state of crisis. I sit down at the computer and I cry. I think of how silly I am being and force myself to continue. Then I cry some more. I begin wondering how you say words such as "failure" or "incompetent" in Spanish. I panic.
It is time for me to suck-it-up and get some help. We have some friends from Cuba who have offered to help. I am to give them a call whenever I am ready to begin. I write Orlando an email trying not to sound too desperate. Within a day I have heard back and he is excited to begin as soon as possible. I grab hold of this life-line, wipe the tears off my face and relax. There is hope, I begin class next week.

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