Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Lot to be Thankful For

I sit here in the quiet of the morning thinking on the events of the past few days before anyone awakens. The sun is streaming in the window and yes, I have Christmas music playing quietly. It is easy to get wrapped up in the worries of everyday life but today as I contemplate I choose to look through the eyes of thankfulness.
We have not heard our placement for the next two years. Last week the psychologists were told where they would be going and on Tue. the P.A.'s found out. Yet, we still wait. But I am thankful for the peace I have in the waiting. I am here in Bogota with my husband and children. We are safe and we are together. I have not forgotten the difficulty of 18 months of living apart. The long days and lonely nights. I have not forgotten the difficulty I had readjusting to living with another adult. I am thankful that those days are behind me and I am walking forward, hand in hand with my husband.
On Tue. I went into the hospital for a 6 month re-check ultra sound on my breasts. There are some fibrous spots they have been watching. I'm a bit disappointed in the fiber part. There seems to be no benefit to fiber in your boobs. Fiber in your diet equals benefit. I would expect a bit more perkiness, but apparently only silicon can combat nursing three babies. No problem with the spots they have been watching, stable blobs floating around in the tissue. But there are new spot clusters that I assume were the ominous black holes that the doctor came back to again and again, examining and measuring. I am eternally thankful that the doctor doing the exam spoke remarkable English. I had no difficulty with communication. I understood it very clearly when he said "You need to have these biopsied." I honestly did not expect anything to be amiss when I walked into that office. My mind went a bit numb. On the drive home I felt a bit as if I had been kicked in the shin by a friend trying to defer the pain in my head. Wasn't it enough to have the unknown of our placement?
We have a rule in our home that even though my husband is the doctor, for most things the kids and I see another doctor. Now don't get me wrong, we take full advantage of the doctor's advice for a cold or an explanation of a problem, but there are just too many incidents where a doctor ignored something in a family member because of emotional ties. We've just taken that worry away from him so he can focus on being husband and dad. So we talked, but my questions, outside of "Do they ever really find anything when they biopsy?" were really focused on the communication with the doctor aspect. There is no way I could do this sort of conversation alone with a solely Spanish speaking physician. I began formulating a list of people who I would feel vey comfortable with and who speak Spanish to take with me. Then I emailed the P.A. I was surprised when he responded that they were sending me to the states for the procedure. 24 hours earlier I had walked into the radiology department without any worries and now I am being sent to America. My mind is a whirl. I am thankful that I didn't blow off this routine exam and that I have professionals here to sort this all out for me.
I am thankful that today we can put this all behind us and enjoy our time together, decorating the house and sharing a turkey with friends. I am thankful that my parents are coming for Christmas so I can show them this city I've been living in. I'm thankful for a friend who already responded that she will be able to meet me in Miami for the test.
My God is good. He is taking care of me in many ways that I can not see.

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  1. Sending you many good wishes for a good outcome. I hope it goes as well as possible.