Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Calico Joe

Calico Joe
by John Grisham

I enjoy books by John Grisham.  I think he is an exellent writer and I enjoy the suspense and detail he puts into the stories. So when I saw this book sitting on my daughter's chair I asked if I could read it before she returned it to the owner.
Different than Grisham's typical suspense this book weaves a story based on characters and baseball.  Even though I really don't know much about baseball I felt drawn into the plot.  With vivid descriptions it was easy to imagine myself sitting in the bleachers watching the game, cheering for a team and estatic about a player.  
Beyond the simple story of baseball, a child's love of the game and it's heros is a deeper study in the consequence of choice.  Many deep realities and truths made this book feel like it could have been a true story.
A good, quick read on a day when you have a little time to blow.

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