Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mexico City and a Good Friend

An invitation was made, a plan was laid then two weeks before execution the walls came tumbling down around me. I don't handle change and disappointment well.  I let a bad attitude begin to slip in rather than trusting God that something much more beautiful was in store.  
The afternoon before I left for Mexico City to see my daughter perform in a Latin America youth orchestra, I received an email from a dear friend who just moved from Bogota to Mexico City. We had thought timing was not going to cooperate and our paths would not cross, but instead she was in town on the day I arrived. I went from the airport directly to her hotel in the Polanco neighborhood.  Warm hugs and we were out the door to a little tea shop around the corner.  Snuggled deep in a puffy couch around a large coffee table we caught up.  There's nothing like a hot drink and a good friend to make a city feel warm and welcoming!  Being there with her I could understand her new life.  New challenges and a new culture, but also new sites and places to explore, new friends to enjoy.  
Dinner found us seated around the table with her kids and husband.  We enjoyed spicy salsas, creamy mole sauce, tacos and chicken.  I slowly sipped the best pina colada I've ever had as I watched the emotions in my friends.  A move is tough.  Adjusting to a new country is tough. Living out of suitcases in a hotel for months is really tough. I could sense the weariness in their spirits. I'm glad they are getting out of town for a few days as a family to enjoy their new country.
We slipped away, the two of us, to wander around Lincoln Park. A beautiful green area in the midst of a compact city.  We hugged once again, this time saying "good bye".  As a tear slipped down my face I realized how eternally thankful I was that my plans had not worked out so I could spend this afternoon with my friend.  Now when I think of her I have a much clearer comprehension of where she is and what challenges she is facing.  When her name flits through my mind I can pray for her with understanding. 

Mexican restaurant in Palanco area:  El Bajio
Fabulous Tea room in Palanco:  Cafe Belin

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