Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Gift

One of my favorite movie lines is "An unexpected gift at an unexpected time." from Finding Forrester.  

It seems like we must have gone through an ordering streak recently because almost every day I've gotten an email saying there is a package at the post office on compound.  Somedays it's large and heavy.  I have to drag the package full of dog food or cat litter (oh what I do for the love of the pets in this family) loaded onto a dolley through the embassy, into the elevator and on the street to my apartment where I lug it up the steps and through the front door.  Then I have to turn around, retrace my steps and return the cart.  Considering the whole process of getting the package and returning the cart - if I don't run into anyone I know - only takes 15 minutes, I shouldn't complain.  Other times I simply have a handful of small padded envelopes with simple little necessity inside.

But today was one of those rare days when I didn't recognize the box.  After a puzzling moment the return address clicked and a lazy smile spread across my face.  A surprise package from a friend, just because she thought of us.  I could have set the box on the table and looked at it all week, enjoying the warmth of being remebered.  It didn't really matter what was inside because the gesture spoke of genuine love.  I didn't wait a week, I didn't even wait for the rest of the family to get home.  I ripped that baby open.  Inside were special treats for all of us.  But what struck me was the simple thoughtfulness of a few catalogues thrown in and a hand note scribbled,"I thought you might enjoy these."  Instantly I longed to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and one of the magazines and forget I was not in Hudsonville anymore.  I wanted to think that at any moment my old neighbor could pop through the door with that catalogue in had to ask what I though of a wall decoration or new pillow.  Simple unexpected gestures bridge the gap between there and here.  

Thank you friend.

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