Sunday, April 6, 2014

When Did She Grow Up?

Just like every mom in the universe, I looked at my daughter ready for her first prom and wondered "When did my little girl grow up?".   I thought of her blue eyes, twinkling with excitement while we waited for her date to arrive.  Those eyes used to look up at me in wonder as we snuggled together on the couch reading her favorite book.  Eyes that would question me about the little chicks running around the yard or in trust me as she grabbed my finger and we ran across the street.  Her eyes expressed so much when I left her on that first day of school, not knowing who she would be friends with or what her teacher would be like.  Lately those eyes have been looking towards the future.  I see her own dreams and desires beginning to be fulfilled as she researches, plans and prepares.  But tonight I see a twinkle of joy and happiness.  A night to put thoughts of homework, the ACT and college applications aside and enjoy a night she will remember forever. 

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