Friday, July 10, 2015

One Thousand Gifts Devotional

A dear friend gave me Ann Voskamp's devotional, One Thousand Gifts, before I left Moscow.  My friend has a soft, sweet spirit.  She listens to the voice of God and only acts when He directs her.  She is young, and I have been slightly envious at the clarity she has of God's direction.  This is the second time this book has been suggested to me.  Over a year ago another friend handed me the book because she thought I would enjoy it.  I tried to read it, I liked the cover (Yes, I am one of those who bases great importance on the cover.) and the idea of the book, thankfulness.  But the writing style just doesn't jive with me.  I am simple.  I like reading simple, straight forward pieces and I write in a simple style as well.  I'm trying very hard to make it through this book, because everyone talks about how good it is.  My goal is to find one nugget to take away with me each day as I wade through all the mumbo jumbo.  Hopefully, I will have a bit of time to blog about these little nuggets and really focus on all the gifts God has given me.  Here goes!

First, I thank my God...
Romans 1:8
It's mid morning and I find myself tucked into yet another hotel room.  The doc has a conference and I really wanted to spend some undistracted time with him, even though the idea of staying behind in GR was very, very appealing.  I also need quiet.  The last several weeks–no months–have been a blur of activity.  My mind simply tries to keep up with all the "to dos" that need to be done each day.  I've taken some time to show the girls our state of Michigan, but even that was a whirlwind of activity.  But today I have quiet.  Alone, I took a walk from our hotel into the quaint town of Breckenridge, CO to find a coffee shop.  I should have brought my computer and lingered a bit, but it felt good to simply walk, unencumbered by devices and thus the list of "I need to dos..." in my head.  I just walked in the quiet.  

Today I am thankful for a day of peace and quiet.  A day that begins a week of quiet and rest.  A week to hear God and to hear myself.  A week to feel my heart beat and and remember the One who is giving me life.

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