Monday, July 20, 2015


I sit under an oak tree, her large branches covering me with shade.  My toes peek into the sun, tingling in its warmth.  I soak in the sounds around me.  Bullfrogs gulp in the swamp, cicadas buzz a background while small field birds chirp out a melody.  It all comes together in perfect harmony and my soul is thankful.  Ants scurry around the burnt out bonfire of last night.  The ashes remind me of an evening curled up in a chair, gazing into the flame.  So relaxed.  A bunny twitches her long ears and takes a hop or two closer.  She brings me back to the moment, to now.  

We need these moments in life.  Where we notice the fuchsia flowers burning bring against the green grass.  The clouds floating lazily in the sky.  We need to watch and hear and not be distracted by the noise of life.

This is my time of rest.  A time to think back on the past two years and a time to prepare for the next.  May you find time to rest today.  To hear God's creation around you, singing praise to the Father.

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