Monday, September 28, 2015

Sitting Through the Storm

Pacing is more like it.  I have a nervous energy running through my body.  I've watched a movie, finished a quilt top and worn a path from the couch to the window.  It's freaking me out.

I've never particularly liked storms.  Back in Hudsonville, we had this huge old oak tree in our backyard.  We built this amazing tree house in it for the kids.  Thing was, I think Doc and I liked it more than the kids.  It was a bit high.  When we had good, Michigan, summer storms, with lightning flashing and great booms of thunder, I would lay in bed at night terrified that the great oak would fall on my bed.  Each flash of lightning traced a silhouette of branches jerking in the wind.  I sweated out each storm, clutching my covers tight.

Now I'm siting here listening to a typhoon rage outside.  A typhoon sounds so much more exotic and threatening than a hurricane, but they're the same thing only in different oceans.  All day long this storm has been brewing and growing.  Now we are about 2 hours from the expected height.  I really can't imagine anything worse than this.  Doors are banging, the wind is howling and rain is pounding.    Siren continue to wail as ambulances drive past.  I can barely see out the window, it's all a blur.  When I stand up, I can feel the floor shuttering under my feet.

So it might be a movie marathon night.  I know I'm not getting much sleep.  I'm just hoping work and school are cancelled tomorrow so I can make up on the sleep I will be loosing tonight.

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