Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days - Lessons I've learned as an Expat

I ran across this blog challenge about a month ago and emailed myself a note titled "I want to do this."  So this idea has been sitting in my mind, percolating for a few weeks but doubt crept in as well.  The challenge is to pick a topic and blog about it for 31 days.  Can I do it?  Nope.  (Great attitude, I know!)  It makes my head spin just thinking about heading into my third week of full time work (haven't done that in 19 years), our household shipment just arrived two days ago (so the house is a disaster), and then there's everything else in-between.  So, life happens, and I decided that even though there is no possible way for me to find time and the mental space to blog for 31 days straight, maybe this challenge will push me to put some thoughts down on paper that I need to work-out and get out of my system.

As for a topic.  I wish I had a catchy title that put all my thoughts into a neat and tidy little package, but at this point, even my idea is rambly and disconnected.  Here goes.  I've been living as an expat for seven years now and in the middle of that I did a stint back home while my husband was overseas at a danger post.  Through this time I've learned so many things and been faced with challenges that push me to change.  These challenges are ones that folks back home face, but don't know how to handle because they are comfortable and have never learned how to take a leap of faith and see what happens.  See how disconnected my thoughts are?  I'm afraid this could be taken defensively, but that's not my intention at all.  So, bear with me this month as I throw my words on paper.  I don't have time to proof read so my words will be misspelled and my phrases may sound a bit goofy.  But if you know me, this will all just seem normal.

If you would like to take this blogging challenge as well, or would just like to find some good reading material for a month, head on over to write31days.

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  1. I like this challenge. I may have to do it. Good luck! So far, no goofy typos :) Elizabeth

    1. I would love to hear your ideas of topics! You've got some great experiences to pull off of!