Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lion of War Series

Several years ago, Chad mentioned that I might enjoy a series he was reading.  He knows I like Biblical fiction and, although written more for men, it sounded good.  Because we have the books in digital format, I put them in my e-library and forgot about them.  Then spring came and I wanted something to distract my mind from the toil of moving.  I picked up the first book and was hooked.
David, a mighty hero, yet also a man after God's own heart.  I can't fathom what type of man he must have been.  We have the historic account in the Bible of his humble childhood as a shepherd boy through his career as a king.  All the elements of a good story are woven in the Biblical account, little embellishing is needed.  Graham took the accounts I am so familiar with and filled them with passion and emotion, the things that make a story come to life.
The angle in this series is from David's Band of Mighty Men.  It begins when David is running for his life from Saul, hiding in caves, dodging danger and moves through his life as a king.
I really enjoyed reading a man's story, from the pen of a man.  His view is not softened in accounts of war and he expresses the mind of a man in battle.  While reading, I often felt as though I was sitting on the sideline, watching the story unfold.  The difficulty of battle and life in those days is not glossed over.

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