Friday, January 29, 2016

Multiple Sclerosis from Both Sides of the Desk

Ok, I know this isn't a book you're going to run out and read.  That's ok.  I don't expect you to!  But maybe you want to tuck it away in the back of your mind, because you never know when one of your friends or relatives is going to tell you they were just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and this is an excellent resource you can point them to.  
When I started this MS journey a few months ago, I made a conscious decision to keep a balanced life.  I don't want to have tunnel vision and have every area of my life be burdened by MS information.  It would be easy - facebook groups, blogs, books, websites - there's a lot out there.  Rather, I wanted to find a place that I could get solid information to give me the knowledge and tools I needed, then move on.  My doctor will inform me if there is new information I need to be aware of.  
So who should read this book?  Someone who has been recently diagnosed, or a very close family member.  The beauty of this book is that the author, Dr. Macaluso, is a neurologist who has MS.  Chapters are paired in twos.  The first chapter is the scientific/medical explanation of an aspect of the disease and the second is how he, as a patient, has experienced in that aspect of the disease.  Because he works with MS patients for his job, he has a wealth of insight on how different people react to the changes going on in their bodies.  First, I got the hard core information then, as I read his personal experience, I was able to identify with him as a patient.  He is honest about the feelings and struggles he has faced.  
A bit of a warning.  In the middle of the book there is this sort of longish, what feels like a novela.  I didn't get it.  I had a hard time figuring out what the point was.  You may get it, or like me, you might find yourself skimming that part.  It's ok.  You will gain the knowledge you need in the other chapters.


  1. Good reading source for you. It's so helpful to have a resource to turn to as questions arise. My prayers and thoughts are with you Kris