Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Circle Maker

Very rarely does a book impact me like this one did.  It was the right book at the right time.  I worked my way through it slowly, journaling as I went along.  The Circle Maker is a book about prayer.  It wasn't anything new or that I didn't already know, it was simply put in a manner that really made me think and examine myself.  I like books like that.  I actually found this book sitting on our coffee table one day.  Chad had picked it off of a friend's book shelf.  I read a chapter and the message stuck.   I worked my way through bit by bit.  I want to work my way through it again, and I want my kids to read it, so I bought a copy for myself.  It just arrived. The original copy is back on my friend's bookshelf, ready to be packed and moved to her next post, but now my own copy is laying on my coffee table.  So if you stop by one day, feel free to pick it up and borrow it.  I hope it will cause you to think about your prayers as well.

"God is infinitely bigger than your biggest problem or biggest dream."
Mark Batterson
in The Circle Maker

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