Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad Day Gone Worse

We all have those days when we get to a point where we don't believe anything more bad could happen. A day where you would just prefer to get back into bed and pull the covers over your head. The last 24 hours have been that way for me. Here is a list of the things gone wrong.

- I saw a motorcycle accident happen on the highway
  • last night my husband witnessed an armed robbery a few blocks from our house
  • the dog peed on a sheepskin rug
  • I woke up to find the cat had eaten my slippers (quiet literally)
  • the cat puked on the carpet which I'm sure was due to eating the slippers
  • the dog peed on the carpet
  • the dog peed on the floor
  • the dog peed again and this time I slipped and fell in it
  • my husband texted me and a text from the phone company came up saying we didn't pay the bill so my phone service would be shut off
  • as I was leaving in a taxi some workmen showed up unannounced to fix the oven that's been broken for 4 weeks
  • workmen don't speak English/ I don't speak Spanish
    phone service was now shut off
  • I went upstairs to use the land line but I can't figure out how to call out of the apartment on the land line
  • went to Embassy – cell phone office was closed; husband had a heated talk with housing people about workers showing up unannounced
  • had upset stomach during Spanish class so kept having to go to the bathroom – stress
  • left Embassy in taxi – driver started yelling at me to pay him – I said I would when we got there – should have gotten out because he tried charging me 2 ½ times the amount it usually costs. I gave him the higher end of what I usually pay and got out
  • missed son's soccer game
  • went to market to get bread for dinner – it won't be finished baking until 9:00 tonight
  • dog peed in house again

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