Monday, September 26, 2011

Ordering Pizza

I really thought I couldn't mess-up ordering pizza. It's one of those things that seems very simple. I don't need a fancy pizza with lots of toppings. The pizza place we like does not deliver so that throws the phone ordering out of the equation. Just walk to the restaurant, order pizza, wait and then carry it home to enjoy. I walked in and was happy that the server happened to speak limited English. I had been rehearsing what I would say on my walk over so I blurted out “Yo quiero dos pizzas. (pause) Una pizza pepperoni y una pizza jamon.” I want two pizzas. One pizza pepperoni and one pizza ham. Doesn't that seem rather straight forward and simple? But no, when my pizza arrived there was only one box. What happened to the “I want two pizzas” part? I looked inside the box to find one pizza ½ pepperoni and ½ ham and mushrooms. MUSHROOMS? I don't even know how to say “mushrooms” in Spanish because they are not a part of my diet. After much going back and forth with the waiter I thought he understood that the order was screwed up. He smiled and told me in 7 minutes he would have new pizzas for me. I guess I misinterpreted his long ramblings because 10 minutes later he returned carrying a pizza with ½ ham and ½ pepperoni and my old pizza. I was defeated. Pizza to my liking was not worth wasting any more time over. ¾ of the pizza in front of me was edible.
My motto here has become “Order it and eat it”. Eight out of ten times I will not get what I have concocted in my mind so I just have to choose to be content with what is before me. What little things are tripping you up in life that you need to choose to stop loosing energy over?

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