Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yikes - A Baby!

Our dog has some serious fear issues. About 2 weeks after we got him I was returning from a walk. As we were coming up the front steps of our building he spotted a nanny pulling a folded stroller and walking with a 2 year old. Oh no, he hasn't seen one of these yet. Before I could prepare myself he jumped backwards about 6 feet down the steps. He sat there shaking and cowering because of a child half his size.
Last night I was walking with Carbon to meet my son. We turned a corner and there was a horse with a cart standing in the street. With no warning Carbon sat down and refused to move. I tried talking to him calmly and petting him, I tried dragging him by his leash in a bit of a hang-man's noose fashion. All to no avail. The dog would not budge. I was about ready to pick him up and carry him past the horse when I noticed another walk closer to the building. As soon as I turned to head that way Carbon took off. Barely holding onto the leash I managed to catch up with him. We made it past the horse with both our blood pressures raised.
There are days I wish I could cower in the corner like my dog. For the most part I boldly march into situations, but then every-once-in-a-while the smallest thing will send me to my corner. I give my dog a break because truly I just want someone to talk quietly to me and reassure me that it will all turn out ok.

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